It’s tough outside, let’s make the inside calm!

The consultancy partners of MCA, Mindful Caribbean Agency would like to inform the general public of St.Maarten, the business community and especially the healthcare professional-community that they have specialized psycho-social care programs available, effective for both individuals and groups. 

These programs have been put through the test before and proven successful again amongst others, in the after care of hurricane Irma and designed with awareness towards the characteristics of the local situation on St.Maarten.

The programs focus on enhancing skills for coping, methods of self-care and stress reduction, and much more, all needed during these stress full times with the world being confronted by COVID-19. 

This pandemic has so many effects on so many level, that professional care programs become necessary, focussing on training in coping skills that work preventive towards amongst others, burn-out and depression, while at the same time improves resilience towards dealing with this continued unprecedented situations that redefines everything you knew as normal.

Research shows that workers in the frontline, which includes all staff in hospitals and first responders, from cleaning crew to ambulance drivers to patrols on the streets, become especially vulnerable towards the secondary effects of the pandemic. But also every individual member of society, and business and government employees alike, are confronted with stress factors causing burn-out, depression and anxiety related complaints, while the demands to be ‘on standby’ are high. 

Psycho-social programs focussing on building coping skills and resilience have proven effective and improves the effectiveness of the workforce in general and the mental wellbeing of the individual, benefiting the society at large.

MCA connects to these findings and states that prevention is always better than to cure and shifted their regular consultancy work towards the specialized programs connected to the demands of psychosocial care during these enduring times. 

The Mindful Caribbean Agency  partnership consisting of three registered psychologists on St.Maarten: Miranda Veltman, Carmencita Chemont and Alexandra van Luijken and can tap into their combined workexperience of more than half a century with guidance of human behavior, working towards mental well-being and trauma-therapy. All three partners are certified mindfulness trainers. 

Because of the Covid-19 MCA would like to offer its support by offering part of their programs with 50% discount. The mindfulness course especially will help deal with stress and boost immune system and is offered online. For questions about discounts and our packages, or registration for the dates the upcoming mindfulness groups, contact MCA via the information below. 

For businesses or individuals to get more information or to request a tailor-fit proposal for their organization, Mindful Caribbean Agency can be contacted via their website:, their email: info@mcacaribbean.comor telephone: +1721 5803114 / 5801977 / 5883050.