Mindfulness Living (advanced)

A unique follow up program to guide you on a deeper level, to connect and cultivate mindfulness towards a happier, calmer you.

Would you like to…

Worry less?
Experience less anxiety?
Have more energy?
Sleep better?
Be better in setting your boundaries?
Gain more self-confidence?
Cope better with adversity?

Are you familiar with mindfulness and do you want to take it further? Then his is for you.


As your journey in the 8-week mindfulness program might have shown you, mindfulness is not a method, but becomes a lifestyle.

To cultivate this lifestyle, MCA invites you to your continuing life changing journey by this follow up, advanced Mindfulness course.

While exploring the step by step follow up program. This program guides you on a deeper level to connect to cultivate mindfulness in your life.

The location

Seaside Nature Park
Caybay Road 64
Cay Bay, Sint Maarten

Program & themes

Week 1: From control towards willingness

Week 2: Acceptance

Week 3: Defusion

Week 4: The self

Week 5: Heartfulness

Week 6: Values

Week 7: Committed actions

Week 8: Mindful communication


8 x 2,5 hour classes

one guided half day retreat

psycho-education and daily home practice and awareness exercises

online weekly guided meditations

Meet Your Trainer

Miranda Veltman

Class One Mindfulness Trainer

 Mental Health Care Psychologist

About Miranda

Miranda was born in Holland. She started her career as a teacher in Special Education and pedagogical worker. In addition she studied Orthopedagogy at the University in Groningen and finished her study in 2016. From 2016 she started to work as a behavior therapist at Bureau Jeugdzorg Leeuwarden. Her task was diverse: diagnostic assessments, guiding teams, writing policies and teaching courses. In 2010 Miranda also started to work in the Health Care sector, GGZ Friesland. In 2009 she finished her study to become a Mental Health Care Psychologist. At the NHL she taught the subject Pedagogy, before she left to reside in Sint Maarten in 2012.On the island Miranda was employed by SKOS and started in 2015 her Psychology Practice, Consultancy & Training Agency. She tested and treated children, adults, families and couples. As a consultant she worked for SKOS and different departments of Justice. From 2016 till 2018 Miranda was consultant by MLC Youth Rehabilitation Center first as Behavior Therapist later as Acting Head. Miranda has been giving trainings in St. Maarten and abroad. In 2018 she changed her Practice into Resilience Psychology N.V.. Miranda continued her studies by doing advanced courses in EMDR, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness. From 2016 Miranda is an active board member of the Association of Psychologist and Allied Professionals Sint Maarten (APAP SXM).