About MindFlow

We are a team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you. Our unique business factor is our mindful approach towards change. It is a much more natural approach and it results in more positive energy for you and your team.

Miranda Veltman

Mental Health Care Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

Miranda was born in Holland. She started her career as a teacher in Special Education and pedagogical worker. In addition she studied Orthopedagogy at the University in Groningen and finished her study in 2016. From 2016 she started to work as a behavior therapist at Bureau Jeugdzorg Leeuwarden. Her task was diverse: diagnostic assessments, guiding teams, writing policies and teaching courses. In 2010 Miranda also started to work in the Health Care sector, GGZ Friesland. In 2009 she finished her study to become a Mental Health Care Psychologist. At the NHL she taught the subject Pedagogy, before she left to reside in Sint Maarten in 2012.On the island Miranda was employed by SKOS and started in 2015 her Psychology Practice, Consultancy & Training Agency. She tested and treated children, adults, families and couples. As a consultant she worked for SKOS and different departments of Justice. From 2016 till 2018 Miranda was consultant by MLC Youth Rehabilitation Center first as Behavior Therapist later as Acting Head. Miranda has been giving trainings in St. Maarten and abroad. In 2018 she changed her Practice into Resilience Psychology N.V.. Miranda continued her studies by doing advanced courses in EMDR, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness. From 2016 Miranda is an active board member of the Association of Psychologist and Allied Professionals Sint Maarten (APAP SXM).

Email me: miranda@mindflowcenter.com

Carmencita Chemont

Mental Health Care Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

Carmencita was born in Aruba. She obtained her degree at the University of Nijmegen as a Clinical Psychologist. She worked in psychiatric setting of the early years of Dr. Capriles Clinic in Curacao. She lived in Ireland for many years where she worked in two psychiatric hospitals in West Cork. Carmencita came to St. Maarten in 1997 and was employed by School Guidance section of the Insular Department of Education and later worked with Department of Education Research, Policy and Innovations (DERPI). She also worked in Saba and St. Eustatius at the Center for Youth and Family. From 2012 – 2016 she had the function of part-time GZ psychologist at Stichting Verslaving en Psychiatrie Caribisch Nederland (SVPCN), which is now the present Mental Health Caribbean (MHC). Presently she runs her own private practice “Psychological Consultation & Treatment Center (PCTC)”. Carmencita has a vast experience in psychological assessments, individual therapy and counseling, group training and interventions.

Email me: carmencita@mindflowcenter.com

Alexandra van Luijken

Developmental Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Alexandra moved to the Caribbean and made St.Maarten her home since 1999, currently working and living with her husband and two daughters on a ranch in Caybay. Alexandra graduated for her doctorate-exam in Psychology at the University in Utrecht. Her choice of specializing was Developmental Psychology and worked as an assistant researcher. Alexandra worked in the rehabilitation center in Utrecht, working with persons with spinal cord injuries. The focussed in her work on coping with these extreme challenges of life, guidance of the patient’s family setting and PTSD treatment as important parts of her counseling. When moving to St. Maarten, Alexandra started working as an psychologist for an educational NGO and directed her energy towards setting up early childhood care education in the Caribbean, training for daycare-teachers and coordinating early developmental stimulation programs (Head-Start).

While travelling between the several islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, Alexandra has been working as a consultant and offers training for groups and individuals-, family-, and relation-therapy according to the principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), EMDR and Mindfulness) as well as diagnostic assessment.

Since 2000 Alexandra also started her private practice and created InterVision Foundation, whereby she added her great passion for horses into her work and created the option of equi-guidance for St.Maarten, whereby her horses became her co-therapists. These horses are also part of the MCA team building challenges and offer a great source for self-development.

Email me: alexandra@mindflowcenter.com

Nothing changes, and yet everything changes.

The profound transformation that occurs takes place within you.

You choose to relate to the stressors in life more skillfully.

Mindfulness programs

These programs are for people who…
✓  are careful with their time and don’t want to waste it on unproven methods
✓  want a method that has been scientifically proven to work
✓  want to be guided by experienced psychologists in a safe and comfortable environment

For companies

Recover together with your team during this Mindfulness weekend experience. From Friday to Monday a program full of connection with yourself and nature. After this weekend, your team will be fully charged again.

For high achievers

Are you an entrepreneur, CEO, manager or a high achiever? Then this mindfulness VIP program is for you. Together with other like-minded people you will master mindfulness and can fully relax and recharge while connecting with your innerself and nature.